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The 2023 Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Gender Forum will be held from 21-22 November 2023 in Manila to inform, influence, and inspire action on gender equality and climate change among stakeholders in Asia and the Pacific. 

We are expecting 300+ delegates from ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs), government agencies, development partners, the private sector, academia, civil society, the media, and women’s organizations involved in gender equality and climate change. It will serve as a platform to share and promote best practices on gender mainstreaming in climate-related initiatives, inspire innovation among participants, and advance the transformative nexus between Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG5) on gender equality and SDG13 on climate action. 

The 2023 ADB Gender Forum presents an opportunity for partners in both the public and private sectors to showcase their thought leadership and initiatives in gender equality, climate change and other cross-cutting issues. Partners will be able to leverage this dynamic event to increase their visibility and engage directly with ADB stakeholders. The forum provides opportunities for engaging with policymakers, economists, government officials, development practitioners, gender equality and climate change experts, and ADB staff to discuss the latest gender-related developments in policies, project implementation and research, to explore how these advances can accelerate gender equality in the context of climate action in Asia and the Pacific.


The 2023 ADB Gender Forum seeks to:

  1. Inspire participants to scale up action to advance gender equality and climate action by presenting current data and information on selected thought leadership topics;
  2. Demonstrate the application and implementation of new regional and global good practices on the gender equality and climate nexus in terms of policy, programs, research, and project interventions by highlighting the innovative work of ADB and development partners in response to specific regional challenges related to climate change and disasters;
  3. Strengthen the quality and scope of implementation of ADB’s gender equality and climate operations by engaging DMCs and other stakeholders in discussion and idea generation; and
  4. Examine integrated and innovative responses for gender equality and climate action in Asia and the Pacific by documenting and analyzing participant insights and discussions. 


  • ADB’s developing member countries’ government representatives, women’s machineries, ADB executing and implementing agencies involved in gender equality and climate action
  • Private sector organizations working to promote gender equality and climate action
  • Development partners, including multilateral development banks, multilateral and bilateral donors, UN agencies, and non-traditional partners
  • Civil society organizations, including women’s organizations
  • Academia, think-tanks, and centers of excellence
  • ADB staff and consultants working across all operational sectors


The 2023 ADB Gender Forum will offer a mix of formats and emphasis [e.g., high-level opening and closing, thought leadership, best practice and practical application] that will demonstrate how to influence policy, turn policy into action and translate knowledge into practical solutions.

The 2023 ADB Gender Forum will follow a four-track sequential structure focused around four themes:

  • Theme 1. Women in the Energy Transition
  • Theme 2. Gender-Responsive Climate Adaptation
  • Theme 3. Women in the Green Economy
  • Theme 4. Gender-Responsive Private Sector-led Climate Action

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