Welcome to the CRPP Partnership Forum 2024!

The Community Resilience Partnership Program (CRPP) is a partnership program to help countries and communities in Asia and the Pacific region scale up investments in climate adaptation, especially investments at the community level, that explicitly target the nexus between climate change, poverty, and gender. The CRPP has a dedicated gender window with funds earmarked specifically for supporting women-focused investments.

The second CRPP Partnership Forum will bring together community leaders, government officials, leading academics, think tanks, financing institutions, and global climate funds to discuss what role can poverty reduction programs play in building climate resilience?

The CRPP Partnership Forum 2024 will focus on decentralization programs and skills development as key themes for addressing climate risk, reducing poverty, and promoting gender equality.

The CRPP is operationalized through the Community Resilience Financing Partnership Facility (CRFPF) and includes a multidonor trust fund administered by ADB and supported by the French Development Agency, Green Climate Fund, Nordic Development Fund, and the Government of the United Kingdom. For more information about the CRPP trust fund, click here.


Day 1: 27 February 2024

Opening Session
Plenary 1:  Decentralization Processes for Building Climate Resilience from the Ground Up
Spotlight 1: Fiscal Transfers for Building Community Resilience
Spotlight 2: Building Climate Resilience through Community-Driven Development
Working Group Sessions 1, 2 & 3
Roundtable Dialogue 1
Interactive Sessions Organized by Partners

Day 2: 28 February 2024

Plenary 2: Skills for Climate-Resilient Communities 
Spotlight 3: Empowering Women with Skills for Climate-Resilient Agriculture
Spotlight 4: Skills Development through Adaptive Social Protection Systems
Working Group Sessions 4, 5, & 6
Roundtable Dialogue 2
Closing Session
CRPP Partnership Group Meeting
(Closed session)