Winners of the 2022 ADB–IEA Innovative Policy Research Award


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the International Economic Association (IEA) are pleased to announce the three (3) best papers for the 2022 ADB–IEA Innovative Policy Research Award. The award-winning papers were selected from over 250 papers covering a wide range of economic topics. Each award-winning paper will receive a $7,000 grant financed by ADB. The prize will be formally awarded at the ADB-IEA award session of the 2022 ADB Annual Meeting in September. To acknowledge research excellence, the announcement also includes honorable mentions of seven (7) high-quality papers. 

Three Award-Winning Papers:

In Harm’s Way? Infrastructure Investments and the Persistence of Coastal Cities by Clare Balboni (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). 

Audit Rule Disclosure and Tax Compliance by Enrico Di Gregorio (Harvard University and National Bureau of Economic Research) and Matteo Paradisi (Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance).  

Intergenerational Mobility in India: New Methods and Estimates Across Time, Space, and Communities by Sam Asher (Johns Hopkins University), Paul Novosad (Dartmouth College), and Charlie Rafkin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).  

Honorable Mentions:

Market Power and Spatial Competition in Rural India by Shoumitro Chatterjee (Pennsylvania State University). 

Economic and Political Effects of Fiscal Rules: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Colombia by Maria Carreri (University of California, San Diego) and Luis Martinez (University of Chicago).  

Road Quality and Local Economic Development: Evidence from Indonesia’s Highways by Paul Gertler (University of California, Berkeley), Marco Gonzales-Navarro (University of California, Berkeley), Tadeja Gračner (RAND Corporation), and Alexander D. Rothenberg (Syracuse University). 

Reshaping Adolescents’ Gender Attitudes: Evidence from a School-Based Experiment in India by Diva Dhar (Oxford University), Tarun Jain (Indian Institute of Management), and Seema Jayachandran (Northwestern University).  

At the Right Time: Modifying Repayment and Disbursement Schedule in Microcredit by Hisaki Kono (Kyoto University), Abu Shonchoy (Florida International University), and Kazushi Takahashi (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies). 

Poverty and Migration in the Digital Age: Experimental Evidence on Mobile Banking in Bangladesh
by Jean N. Lee (World Bank), Jonathan Morduch (New York University), Saravana Ravindran (National University of Singapore), Abu Shonchoy (Florida International University), and Hassan Zaman (World Bank).

Irrigation and the Spatial Pattern of Local Economic Development in India by David Blakeslee (New York University), Aaditya Dar (Indian School of Business), Ram Fishman (Tel Aviv University), Samreen Malik (New York University), Heitor Pelegrina (New York University), and Karan Singh (independent researcher).